The advent of sites like YouTube has meant that previously unknown musicians have rocketed to fame, you can be watched 24/7 all over the world and rack up enormous amounts of views – far more than a song released by an unknown artist would achieve in streaming alone on a site like soundcloud or spotify.

We have invested in suitable equipment to offer professional quality YouTube videos; whether that be a live performance with your vocals enhanced, or  a recorded performance with miming.  You can see a few of our artists’ videos below:

Music Videos

We have a network of professionals in this field who can do makeup, choreography, styling, filming, editing etc! The immense task of planning the video out and finding relevant personnel is completed by 360 and we supervise the project all the way through, so that there is no stress for the client and no need to worry about finding the right people for each job.

These videos range massively in pricing because of the infinite variables but start at £2000.

Please see examples below.