The flagship Studio A used by 360 is owned and run by Matthew Humphrys, who is a qualified Audio, Mixing and Mastering engineer. Matthew has achieved the highest grades possible in every aspect of music production courses that he has undertaken.  He is an expert in vocal manipulation and his mixing work can make a song into a record to be proud of.  Matthew is an experienced producer and vocal coach and can therefore help vocalists to feel at ease and get the most out of their recording sessions.

Rates:  £35/hr including engineer
Discounts are available for bulk bookings.
Mixing is charged at £160/song



  • Intel i7 PC with 24gb RAM
  • RME Fireface UFX Top of the range soundcard
  • Genelec 8040a Active Nearfield Monitor speakers
  • Universal Audio DCS Preamp High end microphone preamplifier
  • SE Electronics z5600a II Condenser vocal microphone
  • SE Electronics Reflexion Filter Acoustic filter to achieve best vocal recording
  • SM58 – Microphone
  • Rupert Neve RN17 Stereo Pair – Top of the range microphones for recording various sources.  A £50 microphone hire fee is charged when these microphones are used during sessions
  • Korg Triton Studio 88 (with 88 note Piano weighted keyboard and many expansion cards)
  • Roland Fantom XR Sound module
  • Roland JP8000 Classic Synthesiser
  • Roland MC303 Drum and Synth module
  • Yamaha/Steinberg CC121 Mixing desk unit for Cubase 5
  • AVID Artist Mix – Mixing console
  • UAD 2 NEVANA Card for PC Top of the range plugin effects from companies such as Neve and SSL
  • UAD 2 DUO Additional power for UA plugins to run even larger mixes
  • KORG NANO PAD Drum Controller
  • KORG WAVEDRUM WD-X  Ultra realistic electro-acoustic drum instrument
  • UNIVERSAL AUDIO LA-610 MkII Legendary preamp and compressor channel strip

  • Addictive Drums
  • Cubase 6.5 DAW
  • NEXUS 2 with additional packs
  • EastWest Symphonic Orchestra Platinum Plus
  • EastWest Pianos
  • EastWest Symphonic Choirs Bundle
  • EastWest Stormdrum 2 Pro
  • EastWest Gypsy
  • EastWest RA
  • Rob Papen Blue
  • Steinberg The Grand 3 Piano based VST instrument
  • Reason –  Synthesiser based program
  • EZDrummer
  • Superior Drummer 2.0
  • SampleTank 2 XL
  • SampleMoog
  • Sonik Synth 2
  • Miroslav Philharmonik
  • SampleTron
  • Symphony of Voices
  • Sample CDs

Far too numerous to list, Studio A has an abundance of plugins by Waves, Universal Audio, SoundToys and other high end manufacturers.  All plugins are legally purchased and registered.  If you wish to find out about specific availability, please make contact to ask.