(That is really all you need to read if you’re not one for looking through multiple paragraphs of information!)  

Here’s why:

  • We get you ready for your singing career – we mean really ready.  You’ll sing better, perform better, know how to grow a fanbase, know how to negotiate with record labels – did we mention you’ll have multiple original songs whether you write music or not? 
  • You’ll get to record in our awesome, custom built recording studio complete with mood lighting depending on the song!
  • You’ll have access to producers, engineers, songwriters, musicians, stylists, makeup artists, music video directors, graphic designers….the list goes on.
  • You’ll have preferential auditions for shows like the X Factor, The Voice and Britain’s Got Talent, should you choose that as the right path for you.
  • You’ll have a team behind you who care about your success.  
  • You’ll be with us for a full year – unless you’re one of the over 90% of people who choose to stay longer to do even more….just saying!


We haven’t heard of any other artist development programme in the UK demonstrating that within the development programme, their artists have released a top 5 chart single, performed in front of crowds of 7000+, been featured in newspapers and on multiple radio stations including the BBC, won A- list tickets to the Brit Awards, VIP to the Urban Music Awards, won an Industry Showcase, worked with producers whose clients include will.i.am and the Sugababes, had scouted auditions straight through to higher stages in television shows, had total YouTube hits of over 150,000 for their videos and been invited to support celebrities at Christmas lights switch-ons, been interviewed on ITV news on their first single release, been out to record in Nashville, been featured on Perez Hilton’s site…the list of achievements goes on and on. 

It’s not just about the studio work though, we also get involved in tours, whether artists are supporting or headlining!

There are three levels of development programme.  Standard, Premium and Elite.  This caters for all budgets and time availability.  Contact us to find out more!