IMG_0444About The Service

Both partners at 360 Artist Development are published composers and work in all genres to realise the full potential of each artist’s vision.  We very much work to the adage that it’s the best person for the job and therefore we work with world class musicians and producers all across the world on our tracks.  We can write complete songs for our clients, or build on even the smallest ideas that our clients have – from lyrics, a melody or even developing complete songs that a client wants to be built and mixed into a record for commercial release.

The latest completed projects have been in the genres of RnB, Country, Motown, Rock, Rap, Pop and Swing!


If you want to be an artist, you need original songs that are written for you to make you stand out and have your own personality.  We have many delighted singers and musicians who have worked with us completing albums or smaller one or two song projects.  It doesn’t matter what your experience is, or whether you can write songs or not – we can help you create the music you always wanted to sing.


As songwriters, we keep a percentage of the royalties that the song would earn on release and due to this, charge a much smaller fee than would normally be expected.  This is because we believe that people who sell away all their rights to songs cannot possibly be doing their best work.   At 360, we believe that every song that leaves the studio is a reflection on us as much as the artist and we always do our best work for this reason.  Our agreement ensures that you know we will work to create a top class product for you and our way of working has meant that we have clients from all over the country visiting us, with almost 100% of our clients returning to us within one year of completing their first project!

There are many variables to the price as some people want us to hire in string quartets and others want electronic or guitar based productions.  We can accommodate ALL budgets so please get in touch to discuss your project.  WE CAN WORK INTERNATIONALLY so if you are visiting this page from outside the UK, don’t worry!

We offer flexible payment plans to spread the cost monthly with no interest, for any purchase over £200.