Recording is the most popular service that we undertake at 360 and we have clients from all over the world.  We have two studios that you can read about here and these cater for different needs.  We also record on location for ensembles, choirs etc.  Please consider having a proper YouTube video done to compliment your recordings, as this can really build fans and interest in your music. We cannot guarantee views, but we often see our clients achieve numbers over 20,000.

  • Vocal demos – having a professional demo recorded can make an immense amount of difference to your chances of success.  So can recording them in an environment you feel comfortable in.  We will make sure that you leave with a demo you are very happy with.
  • Singer/Songwriter – We can record whatever you want to play at broadcast quality. We have a piano weighted keyboard in Studio A with plenty of absolutely lifelike piano sounds from our collection of sampled instruments and we have professional quality guitars in Studio B, with a myriad of different amp emulation options. We can also build up your songs to a record standard (or write and record them for you) with full band or sample productions – see our songwriting page for more details.
  • On location – we can record your concerts, performances and demos.
  • Band – we can record your album or produce it in an external studio.  Never underestimate the value of a good producer to making a fantastic album.

Recording from only £20/hr!