IMG_0233There comes a time in your musical career when you need a manager to either help manage your musical career day to day or help you get to the next level. Managers look after your best interests because your best interests are also theirs and you become a close team. Being under a management contract is not for everyone and it is also not something to take lightly. The ‘manager–artist’ relationship must be right.  Both parties must trust each other and enjoy working together because from the artist’s point of view, they will be giving away part of their future income to their manager and from the manager’s point of view, they will be doing an immense amount of work for free in order to try and ensure success for their artist/s.

We (usually) only offer management contracts to those who are working with us on a project such as an album or the yearlong development programme, because then both parties can experience working together first and build the trust required to take on such roles. If you are offered a management contract by us you can be assured that we will use every contact, means and ounce of energy to promote you into the industry and in return we will expect dedication, a good working attitude, punctuality and doing things on time.

As managers, in the past year we have achieved the following for our artists:

  • Attended numerous meetings with Universal Music, London
  • Secured a record company scouted audition for The Voice
  • Secured multiple radio interviews and airplay for songs we have released, including BBC
  • Achieved a prize of level 1 tickets to the Brit Awards from an audition
  • Worked with people whose credits include Adele, Radiohead, The Beatles, U2 etc.
  • Had artists perform on commercially published material including film and TV projects.
  • Had celebrity endorsement on twitter for our artists’ YouTube covers
  • Produced several YouTube cover videos with over 283,000 total views
  • Worked with producers and musicians in Nashville, Tennessee
  • Had our artists perform internationally at live gigs/concerts to crowds of up to 7,000 people
  • Had supporting act roles at events featuring Steps and Matt Cardle
  • Built worldwide fanbases for our artists