Singing lessons 360At the most basic level of artist development is improving your voice and performance ability.  This is a really important part of learning and 360 would encourage everyone to take up lessons; whether it be for an intensive learning drive before an event, or preferably over a longer sustained period of time.  Matthew Humphrys teaches singing at 360 and Andrew Beverley coaches performance.


Whether you are a beginner or an experienced singer, Matthew can ensure that you have the technique and ability to sustain your singing for gigs and recordings, teaching specifically how to record, microphone technique, emotion, breathing techniques and giving advice on vocal disorders and how to look after your voice.

Matthew started his singing career as a chorister at Westminster Abbey, London.  There he received the highest standard of vocal training available to children and he quickly progressed on once leaving the Abbey to the Farnham Youth Choir, where he was able to skip the training choir altogether and became the youngest (and smallest!) new member of the Choir ever!  From there, the choir won many awards and travelled to Spain and the Czech Republic in competitions.  Matthew’s understanding of harmony developed in these choirs and he used this to form a boyband himself at 16 years old where his love of songwriting began.  Matthew went on to complete an A level in Music, during which time he was in a Chamber Choir, Orchestral support choir, Barbashop Choir,  you name it and Matthew sang in it.  Matthew has been teaching singing for years now and has helped everyone from children wanting to learn how to sing, through to professional singers needing to learn how to sing harmonies for cruise ship work.  Matthew is the vocal coach for all artists joining the development programme.

Lessons with Matthew are held in Studio A, in Birstall (Leeds).


By choosing 360 for your performance coaching you will get the benefit of years of live performance experience from Andrew Beverley. Whether you are a solo singer, guitar player/singer or a band, we can help you give that bit extra in your performance without distracting you from the singing.  Taking performance coaching sessions could mean the difference between passing and failing auditions.

Andrew’s confidence building techniques and performance coaching have helped countless singers, not just in their singing careers but generally in life.  A recent testimonial from a client’s Mother stated:

“I have seen her grow and flourish from someone who was terrified to leave the safety of her own home and her Mum to singing at shopping centres, at open mic nights…She has grown so much in confidence and independence thanks to Andrew”

Andrew has been a live musician for over 10 years, having gigged nationally in bands and internationally as a ‘for hire’ musician. In each lesson you will get the benefit of his experience.
The lessons can work alongside your singing lessons, helping you master the songs you are working on, or to give you the edge when you are ready to go out and perform.

Andrew is also happy to attend gigs, practice sessions or give the lessons in Studio B depending on your circumstances and requirements.

You will receive a video of your coached performance at the end of each lesson with instructions on how to improve.

Should you wish to hire a choreographer, we are able to provide one to you.