360 Artist Development work with a number of DANCE CREWS to make MASHUPS and REMIXES for performances!

If you need a track developing, get in touch because we love to create new and original performance pieces that will boom through the speakers and make your performance electric!

Here is an example of a custom made intro that allows the dance crew to reach the stage and take position and then leads into the first song:

And here are examples of mashups:

“Turn around” with custom extro going into “as long as you love me”, by Justin Bieber

Mashup example 2 custom extro added (robotic)

A slow song into a fast song as a surprise change. This one made for a wedding’s first dance:

When we have an instrumental and an acapella to work with we can create custom versions of songs. These parts of “sexy and I know it” are not normally together like this:

Prices vary for this service, depending on the size of your project so please get in touch!