Introducing from Slovakia…Karin Ann!

If you’ve ever doubted your own drive to become a star, take a leaf out of Karin Ann’s book because she is travelling all the way from Slovakia to work with 360! Karin Ann is a pop star in the making from Zilina in Slovakia. At 16 years old and… + More

Latin American heart-throb ‘Fredd’ joins 360

360 are proud to present ‘Fredd’, straight from Latin America to a jukebox near you soon….   Fredd was born in Brazil and moved to Peru when he was 17 years old.  He has been working in the entertainment industry for many years and was recently spotted by 360 talent… + More

Song Copyright and suing. Is any song really original?

The suing culture of the 21st Century is getting out of hand. Here we look at Song Copyright, writing original songs and when it’s right (and wrong) to be suing people over your work. There are many examples out there of famous artists being sued for copying other people’s songs;… + More

National News Coverage for Developing Rapper

Toni Lou, our super talented rapper on a year-long development programme with 360, has achieved major national news coverage of her single ‘Overcome’ The Daily Mail features the article which can be viewed here: We are delighted for Toni and will be working hard with her to help her… + More

New Year, New You?

If you’ve ever wanted a career as a singer, now may be the best time in the past five years to go for it.  Last year major record labels in the UK signed 156 new artists and spent more money on artist development than entire sectors like pharmaceutical companies and… + More

Josh Henry Completes Development Programme

Rap Star Josh Henry from Northern Ireland has just completed his development programme with 360. Josh is so committed to his music that he flew every time he came over to work with us.  This dedication paid off with a fantastic EP; clips of which you will soon be able… + More

Quality, part 1 – how to get thousands of HD songs!

Quality – Part 1 – Listening to Music £25 and you can have thousands of ultra-high quality songs! I am going to show you in this article how to listen to all of your music like you’ve never heard it before! iTunes match, mastered for iTunes, flac, wav…all terms synonymous… + More

Free PDF and Guitar Advice for Beginners

Guitar Advice for Beginners Keeping it In Tune: Even when your guitar sits alone for a few days without practise (surely not! ) it is important that you tune it. By keeping the guitar in tune day to day, it will help it stay in tune while it is being… + More

An interesting story…

Yesterday I had the pleasure of immersing myself in another charity gig with a number of different musicians at Wakefield Trinity, for the Ben Manning foundation.  However, it was there that I heard a very disturbing story from the parents of a young, talented singer who had been taken advantage… + More